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Mr. Salt-E is revolutionizing the fill-your-own closed system vape movement. Mr. Salt-E juices really hit the spot!!!

Nic Salt is the latest form of nicotine that preserves the natural essence of nicotine residing in the tobacco leaf, removing the harshness associated with the common freebased nicotine available in today's marketplace. 


Please note that Mr. Salt-E Liquids (25mg and 45mg) are NOT designed for high performance devices. These products are specifically meant to use in pod-based devices and other low-output atomizers/mods.  We recommend use with the Eleaf iCare, Wismec MyJet, or Pax Juul (or similar) for optimum performance.  The nicotine used in Mr. Salt-E is enhanced with "nic salts", which are purported to cause faster uptake of nicotine when vaped.

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